Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

If there is one dental procedure that demands to be demystified it is the root canal. It is the subject of jokes and is a source of anxiety for many nervous patients. But modern root canal treatments are not any more uncomfortable than other dental procedures, and one of its goals is pain relief. To learn more about root canals get in contact with Dr. Mehr Tucker in Rockville, MD.

The Tooth Inside and Out

Your tooth is encased by enamel, the hardest material in the human body, durable and strong, but is nonetheless susceptible to certain types of damage. Trauma, wear, and decay are common culprits.

The next layer beneath it is called dentin, it's porous, and without enamel's protection, it allows discomfort from heat and cold to pass through into the inner chamber which hosts nerves and blood vessels. These stem down the tooth through the root, where these connect to the rest of your body. It's when decay breaches into this space that can bring about inflammation of these soft tissues and pain.

Untreated, the infection can spread and may lead to tooth loss and other more severe complications.

Root Canals in Rockville, MD

A root canal is performed by first reshaping your injured tooth to gain working access to the pulp, which will be removed, down through the roots, thus alleviating pain.

Your dentist then fills the opening with a rubber-like material and seals it to prevent bacteria from re-entering. To protect it further it is then prepared for a crown which will give your tooth back its form and function.

A root canal's purpose is to save your tooth and to fight against infection, and with it, the pain that accompanies it. Saving you from more costly dental work is an added benefit. If you're struggling with pain or just wish to prevent it, then book your appointment today! Make a call to Dr. Tucker of Smiles for All Ages in Rockville, MD, by dialing (301) 963-8900.