Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Have you lost a tooth but aren't sure if dental implants are the right choice for you? Dr. Mehr Tucker, your Rockville, MD dental implantsdentist, explains how you can benefit from dental implants.

Dental implant replace teeth roots

Dentures and bridges only replace the visible portions of teeth, but dental implants actually replace tooth roots. Implants, which look like tiny screws, are placed in your mouth during a minor surgical procedure. They're made of titanium, a strong metal that fuses to your bone. After the bonding process is completed, your Rockville dentist adds a realistic-looking crown to the implant. In some cases, the crown can be added immediately after you receive the implant.

Root replacement offers multiple benefits

Replacing your entire tooth from the root to the crown offers these benefits:

  • A Stronger Jaw: You may not realize it, but your roots keep your jawbone strong by constantly exerting pressure on it. Once you lose a tooth, the underlying area of the jawbone begins to shrink and weaken. Eventually, the problem can lead to further tooth loss and facial sagging, particularly if you've lost multiple teeth. Since dental implants replace your roots, you never have to worry about the problems caused by a receding jawbone.
  • Improved Comfort: Poorly fitting dentures and bridges can irritate your gums, causing pain every time you bite into food. Your dental implant offers a stable foundation for your crown and eliminates slipping and irritation.
  • Better Biting Power: Dentures reduce your biting power, which makes it difficult or impossible to chew hard foods. When you choose a dental implant, you'll be able to continue to enjoy your favorite foods.

Dental implants are versatile

Implants are a good choice whether you've lost one tooth or all of them. They can even be used to support upper or lower dentures. In fact, an entire denture can be supported with just two to four dental implants.

Dental implants offer an excellent way to restore your smile. Call Dr. Tucker, your Rockville, MD dentist, at (301) 963-8900 to schedule an appointment to find out if you can benefit from implants. Don't let tooth loss ruin your smile. Take advantage of the many benefits of dental implants!