Give Your Tooth a Second Chance With a Root Canal

Give Your Tooth a Second Chance With a Root Canal

How a root canal from your dentists in Rockville can save your smileroot canal

If your tooth is badly damaged or decayed, you may be tempted to just take the tooth out. Before you think about tooth removal, you owe it to your smile to give your tooth a second chance. Root canal treatment from Dr. Mehr Tucker in Rockville, MD, can help.

Badly damaged or decayed teeth can be removed, but once you remove a tooth, it leaves a large space in your smile. Your chewing ability is impaired, which can lead to problems with digestion. Your smile also isn’t as beautiful, which can lead to loss of self-confidence.

You can choose to live without the tooth, or you may choose expensive tooth replacement options like dental bridgework, partials, or dental implants. Why not try to keep the tooth in place? Now, it’s possible to give your tooth a second chance, thanks to root canal therapy.

Only your dentist will know for sure if you need a root canal, but you may experience some initial signs and symptoms which may indicate you need a root canal, including:

  • Increasing pain when you eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Swelling, redness, or a red or white bump on your gums
  • Bleeding, drainage, or pus coming from your gums near the tooth

If you do need a root canal, your dentist will simply create a small hole in the top of the tooth and draw out the inner tissues of the tooth. This reduces swelling and inflammation. A sedative filling material is then placed inside the tooth to relieve any additional inflammation.

After the inflammation and infection are eliminated and your pain is gone, a permanent, inert material is placed inside the tooth. The opening is closed with a small permanent filling.

You deserve a complete, beautiful, pain-free smile and now you can have it, thanks to root canal treatment. To find out more about root canal treatment and other restorative and cosmetic dental services, call Dr. Tucker in Rockville, MD, today at (301) 963-8900 or email at [email protected]!